Former Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway: Americans support Republican election integrity laws

“Election integrity is very much on the minds of American voters right now.” – Kellyanne Conway By Catherine Mortensen The Republican National Committee (RNC) this week released the findings of a new poll that finds two-thirds of voters rank election integrity as one of their top concerns going into […]


ALG in America Rising: Fixing Virginia’s Elections to Save America

In 2021, Virginia should lead the way in establishing election processes that are transparent, fair, and inspire confidence in the democratic legitimacy of our elected officials.  by Tim Meisburger AMERICA RISING Editor’s note: Tim Meisburger, former Director of Democracy and Governance at the US Agency for International […]


Democrats weaponize Department of Justice to undermine election integrity

Under President Biden there is a pattern of DoJ abuses targeting Biden’s political opponents. By Catherine Mortensen Just two days after the Democrats’ vote-rigging bill failed in the Senate, the Biden administration rolled out its plan B to undermine election integrity: weaponizing the Department of Justice (DoJ). Attorney General Merrick Garland announced […]


Cartoon: Dying to Vote

By A.F. Branco Click here to view larger resolution image.


Virginia’s conservatives fight to turn the commonwealth red!

 “We are helping stand up a coalition of advocacy groups focused on restoring election integrity, limited government, and individual freedom to Virginia, and have been for the past five months.” By Catherine Mortensen   On a sweltering day under cloudy skies that threatened rain at any moment, hundreds of […]


TOWNHALL GUEST COLUMN: Election Integrity Threatened by Newly Confirmed Head of the DoJ’s Civil Rights Division

TOWNHALL By Rick Manning The newly confirmed assistant secretary of the Justice Department’s Civil Right Division is a far-left radical who has pushed racially divisive politics her entire career. Kristen Clarke, who was confirmed in the Senate Tuesday by a vote of 51 to 48, supports cop-killers, is […]


America spends millions promoting election integrity abroad while ignoring it at home

U.S. taxpayers have spent hundreds of millions, possibly even billions, of dollars helping developing democracies abroad adopt and implement election integrity measures. Its time America practices what it preaches. By Catherine Mortensen In 1999, Tim Meisburger helped Indonesia run its first open election in almost half a […]


When I “Woke” I realized It Wasn’t A Nightmare, Corporate America Had Become A Political Party

The nightmare continues with the recent weaponization of corporate America against traditional values and Civic Alliance Party members moving into an economic sanction scenario, evidence that corporate America will do what it takes to bring their game of politics to a whole new level. By […]


Save Democracy Act would guarantee election integrity

“HR 322 is an essential reform of federal election law to ensure that the fundamental principle of one-person-one-vote is upheld when electing federal officials.” Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning sent a letter to Congressman Jim Bank (IN-03) today urging passage of his legislation, H.R. 322, […]


Eliminating filibuster could unleash a ‘scorched earth policy’ which arguably could help conservatives

Sen. McConnell offered up his policy wish list should Democrats eliminate the filibuster rule, and Republicans regain the majority. ALG has its own legislative wish list under such a scenario. By Catherine Mortensen Just weeks into Joe Biden’s presidency, it is clear that he faces considerable obstacles […]

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