Biden wanted to get out of Afghanistan in the worst way. And he did.

Biden’s mental rigidity may reshape his political fortunes in the short term, but in the long term, the damage could be so great, that the U.S. could forever lose its place as the leader of the free world. By Catherine Mortensen As Americans, indeed the world, struggle […]


Mortensen on Conservative Commandos TV: Where Was Congress in Afghanistan Debacle?

Nancy Pelosi called the House back into session for an emergency session the week Kabul fell to the Taliban. She did not address that crisis, but passed another bloated spending bill. Americans for Limited Government Vice President of Communications Catherine Mortensen was a guest recently on the […]


Rep. Gohmert Calls for President Biden to Resign Following the Deaths of U.S. Service Members in Afghanistan

“President Biden put precious American lives in the hands of our sworn enemies. It is time for him to resign.” – Rep. Louie Gohmert By Catherine Mortensen Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) is calling for President Biden to resign following the tragic deaths of U.S. Service Members in […]


Manning on Bill Martinez Radio Show: Pray that God intervenes in Afghanistan

This is a disaster. Pray, pray, pray that God intervenes and pray that common sense returns to the White House. Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning joins nationally syndicated radio host Bill Martinez each Wednesday at 9 am ET to talk news of the day. This […]


Biden’s DoD Celebrates Women’s Equality Day With Fun Run, While Afghan Women Run for Their Lives

American-allied Afghan women are running for their lives while the Pentagon is hosting a fun run for privileged American women. By Richard Manning According to a story in the Washington Free Beacon ,  as millions of Afghan women are abandoned to subjugation and torture at the hands of […]


Manning: Biden’s debacle in Afghanistan sends a chilling message to our friends

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning is a regular guest on the Mike Hayes Radio Show in LaCrosse, WI. This week they talked about continued fallout from the $1.2 trillion dollars spending bill the Senate passed and the fall of Afghanistan. “I was hurt, disappointed, and […]


Manning on Chosen Generation Radio Show with Pastor Greg: Biden has blood on his hands!

“Joe Biden is the single worst president in the history of the United States and if we had even a semi-honest Congress, he would be impeached in the next week for what he has done. His actions will lead to the slaughter of hundreds of […]


Out of touch and out of town

The Biden White House lost not only Afghanistan this weekend, but their credibility, and with that, much of America, as well. While the Taliban reclaimed Kabul, Biden was vacationing in Camp David and his press secretary was “out of the office.” By Catherine Mortensen In a hastily […]


Does Biden deserve credit for job gains?

Biden and his advisors have no idea how they got to where they are and no plan to unleash the private sector economy to sustain the natural job recovery which they have lucked into. By Rick Manning The White House Facebook page crowed , “3,000,000 jobs created since […]


He’s back! Trump to fill leadership void on the border

Biden’s greatest success so far continues to be illustrating to the American people what a monumental mistake was made in electing him over his predecessor. By Brett Kimball Former President Donald Trump is once again showing leadership in the face of the current administration’s deliberate […]

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