ALG on Right Side Broadcasting: Liberty Matters

Reports of the treatment of the Jan. 6 political prisoners is wrong. Every American should be concerned about the lack of due process. These prisoners have the right to a fair and speedy trial. By Catherine Mortensen Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning spoke to Right Side Broadcasting […]


Rep. McCarthy: Pelosi has broken Congress

“It’s time that every GOP member of the House realize what their constituents already know: Nancy Pelosi is not going to hold an open, honest, and thorough investigation into the events of Jan. 6.”   By Catherine Mortensen House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s handling of the Jan.6 Capitol […]


Cartoon: Witch-hunt Continues


Nancy Pelosi again caught without a mask. Will she fine herself like she did Republicans?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi schmoozes with Democrats while unmasked  after fining GOP lawmakers for not masking. By Frank McCaffrey According to a story in the Post Millennial , House Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued fines to Republican lawmakers who insisted on following CDC guidance and remained unmasked on the […]


Democrat’s Voter Fraud Bill a ‘Frontal Assault on the Constitution’

By Catherine Mortensen With midterm elections shaping up to be a slaughter for Democrats, Senate Democrats are trying to push through their election fraud bill as quickly as possible, hoping it will allow them to rig the midterm elections for their benefit. Democrats are not even attempting […]


2020 push for mail-in ballots favored Democratic turnout in swing states

In short, H.R. 1 and S. 1 are pushes to end the two-party system and institute one-party rule. By Robert Romano But for the Covid pandemic and the subsequent push for mail-in ballots, and former President Donald Trump would have likely been reelected and Republicans may have […]

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