Omni-bust: Congress fails to secure border as President Trump risks heading into 2020 without any new concrete wall being built

By Robert Romano Click here to tell Congress to build the wall now! A year late, Congress has finally approved the President’s supplemental request to begin construction of the southern border wall at $1.6 billion. The supplemental was requested in March 2017 . It was supposed to be included in the May 2017 omnibus spending bill affecting spending levels for Oct. […]


If Congressional Republicans won’t stand with President Trump, defund sanctuary cities and build the wall now, they won’t ever

By Robert Romano President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have all but declared war on sanctuary states, cities and counties that refuse to comply with federal immigration law. The Justice Department has initiated a federal lawsuit to strike down California’s unconstitutional attempt to ignore the […]


The Omnibus is the chance for Congress and the President to get a win on Article I

By Natalia Castro Funding the government is no easy task, Congress has spent months debating issues in order to determine where the federal government can best allocate spending. In a bill that passed the House in September, Republicans have taken significant steps to reduce waste […]


Congress still needed to defund sanctuary cities and states

By Natalia Castro President Trump’s war on sanctuary cities came to a sudden halt when a federal judge deemed the President’s executive order to defund the cities unconstitutional. While the clearly left-leaning judge called into question the executive office’s ability to act on this issue, it is important to remember how necessary action against sanctuary […]


California as a sanctuary state the new nullification

By Natalia Castro The Supremacy Clause of the Constitution establishing the Constitution and all laws made pursuant to it the supreme law of the land has maintained one fact throughout all our nation’s history — laws constitutionally enacted by Congress supersede laws passed by state […]


Why Congress still must defund sanctuary cities and other bad regulations

By Robert Romano The ink has barely dried on President Donald Trump’s executive order denying federal funds to sanctuary cities that refuse to enforce U.S. immigration law , and liberal mayors like New York City’s Bill de Blasio are already promising to sue in federal court to get the federal tax dollars they believe they are entitled to. “We would be in […]


Sanctuary cities are not going away

By Natalia Castro Sanctuary cities are not going away, but instead as local authorities prepare for a Trump presidency, more are being created each day. These cities openly defy immigration laws and protect illegal residence living in their communities, not only neglecting the enforcement of […]


Sanctuary cities kill

By Natalia Castro Kate Steinle, a 32-year-old San Franciscan women, was murdered by an undocumented immigrant living in the city illegally in July of 2015. Now her family blames more than just her murderer Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, Kate’s family has decided to sue the city […]


Kate’s Law needed to end sanctuary cities

By Dustin Howard It’s not every day Sen. Marco Rubio and Sen. Ted Cruz agree on immigration policy, is it? Both Senators lent their names to the Stop Sanctuary Policies and Protect Americans Act , legislation by David Vitter (R-La.),  and to their credit , so did Sens. Pat Toomey (R-Penn.), Chuck Grassley […]

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