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Richard McCarty

Deregulate the legal profession and protect the rights of those who represent themselves in court

By Richard McCarty Republicans should support reforming the legal profession and the legal system. As it is, the legal system is pretty much of the lawyers, by the lawyers, and for the lawyers. Although we have many lawyers in this country, their services are unaffordable for many […]


Tens of thousands of gun rights supporters converge on Virginia State Capitol, peace ensues

By Richard McCarty The liberal media and their favorite racist, Gov. Ralph Northam (D-VA), must be bitterly disappointed. (For those who don’t follow Virginia politics, the governor admitted to wearing blackface but claims to have no idea why he had the nickname “Coonman” in college; unfortunately, this […]


Who will stand up to Soros and halt his campaign to elect soft-on-crime prosecutors?

By Richard McCarty Over the past several years, George Soros and other very wealthy liberals have been dumping millions of dollars into local district attorneys’ races all across the country. Why would out-of-touch billionaires be trying to buy district attorneys’ offices in localities where they do not […]


Conservatives should stop blindly defending law enforcement, the clergy, and Big Business and examine the moral order of institutions

By Richard McCarty It is time for fine-brush conservatism. For too long, broad-brush conservatism has defended certain institutions — including law enforcement, the clergy, and Big Business — to the hilt without demanding too many facts. To be clear, these are institutions worthy of vigorous defense, but […]


Our educational industrial complex is broken, time to reform higher education and student loans

By Richard McCarty Our educational industrial complex is broken, and swift reform is needed. College costs continue to rise much faster than inflation, and too many students are plowing themselves into debt and wasting years of their lives pursuing pointless degrees. Upon leaving college, these students are […]


Republicans should adopt a reform agenda for 2020

By Richard McCarty Republicans have long struggled in urban areas; and, more recently, the GOP has lost ground in suburban areas. To win back swing voters, Republicans should adopt a reform agenda that shows that they understand the challenges faced by average citizens everyday. In particular, Republicans […]


Liberal billionaires fund left-wing scam group Southern Poverty Law Center

By Richard McCarty Liberal billionaires John and Laura Arnold would like for you to believe that they are not ideological, are guided by the facts, and are motivated by a desire to improve society. But the facts are otherwise: they have given millions of dollars to the […]


Billionaires fund left-wing ‘resisters’ and schemers to abolish the electoral college, same-day registration and oppose voter ID

By Richard McCarty For years, Democrats have argued that they will soon have a permanent majority due to the country’s demographic changes. However, liberal billionaires, like George Soros and John and Laura Arnold, are not content to wait. To speed things along, they support left-wing organizations that […]


Contrary to the liberal media’s narrative, there was no blue wave in the recent state elections

By Richard McCarty Because they want you to convince you that Trump has no chance of winning next year, the liberal media would like for you to believe that there was a massive blue wave that washed across the country last week, but that is just not […]


Liberal billionaire worries about population loss and demographic decline while lavishly funding the abortion industry

By Richard McCarty John Arnold, another billionaire who loves to fund liberal causes, needs to make up his mind. Do we need a larger population or a smaller population? A few weeks ago, he tweeted , “Net immigration -70% last year and at 10 year low. Life expectancy […]


President Trump reaches 157 judges appointed, thanks to GOP Senate

By Richard McCarty With the support of Senate Republicans, President Trump has appointed 157 judges to the federal bench in less than three years. This means that Trump has filled 18 percent of the 870 Article III judgeships in the country. (Article III judges are the ones […]


Trump keeps promise to cut regulations, make them more reasonable and less costly

By Richard McCarty President Donald Trump is keeping his promise to rein in the regulatory state and make it easier for individuals and businesses to comply with federal regulations. According to the White House, the administration has cut 14 regulations for each significant regulation it has implemented. […]


Out-of-touch Democrats push destructive forced unionization bill

By Richard McCarty Since gaining control of the U.S. House, Democrats have clearly demonstrated that they are not fit to govern. While one might have assumed that gaining a bit of power would have caused them to behave more responsibly, that has not been the case at […]


Despite obstruction from Congress, Trump delivers on promises including building the wall

By Richard McCarty From day one of his Administration, President Trump has been working to deliver on his campaign promises. Because the hostile, liberal media does such a lousy job of informing voters of Trump’s accomplishments, a quick rundown of some of the promises he has kept […]


The federal government hoards so much land it doesn’t even know how much it has

By Richard McCarty It is well-known that the federal government has a spending problem, but it is less well-known that the government also has a hoarding a problem. As most Western state residents know, the federal government likes to hoard land. Unfortunately, it has not shown itself […]

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