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America fundamentally transformed

obama change2By Rick Manning

“Because, thanks to their efforts, we really do have a new foundation that’s been laid.  We are better positioned than we have been in a very long time.  A new future is ready to be written.  We’ve set the stage for this American moment.  And I’m going to spend every minute of my last two years making sure that we seize it.

“My presidency is entering the fourth quarter; interesting stuff happens in the fourth quarter.  And I’m looking forward to it.”

President Barack H. Obama, December 19, 2014

Six years ago, candidate Barack Obama promised that if elected he would fundamentally transform America.  Entering his seventh year in office, he has declared the foundation of America to be destroyed, replaced with a new one laid during his Administration.

And even in the face of what should be a united Congressional front against his transformational policy initiatives, the President promises to seize the new “American moment.”

Does this sound like a President who is planning on working constructively together with Congress in a bi-partisan way to solve our nation’s problems?

No, coming off of one of the worst electoral defeats in history, Obama has declared victory and promised to press his advantage.

What could have emboldened him?

It was the Republicans in Congress, whose leaders raised the white flag on the Omnibus budget conceding to Obama’s priorities and breaking the fiscal constraints under sequester.  Obama gained his victory on amnesty without a real fight.  He won full funding for his rogue EPA for the rest of the year without a real fight.  He won funding for Obamacare for the rest of the year without a real fight.

How could this be true?

Republican leaders announced in advance that they would not use the only real tool at their disposal – refusal to fund Obama’s priorities.

With that off the table, Obama knew he had once again played the role of the Harlem Globe Trotters against Republican Leadership’s hapless Washington Generals trouncing them while making them look like fools.

Now, America needs to brace itself for an emboldened Obama.

A man who is energized by anarchist mobs blocking streets and shopping malls.  A man who proceeds imposing economy destroying environmental regulations that have been rejected by Congress with the intent of destroying our capacity to generate electricity through EPA and other regulations.   A man freed from the burdens and restraints of representative government, by the failure of the Neville Chamberlain wing of the Republican Party to stop him.

President Barack Obama promised to transform America.  He believes he has laid a new foundation, the old foundation built around individual rights protected from government intrusion uprooted for something else.

It is up to Congress to wake up and prove him wrong by throwing sand in his gears every step of the way by denying any new authority for the President (including Trade Promotion Authority), stopping every one of his nominees until regulatory overreaches are undone, and ending the illegal amnesty using the power of the purse early next year.

There can be no conciliation with a partner like Obama who’s idea of fundamental transformation doesn’t include co-equal branches of government.  Unless this Congress accepts the reality that this is not the Washington, D.C. they wish it to be, but instead one facing a clear and present danger to the survival of the Constitution, and hence the Republic itself, Obama will continue finishing his transformation, while everyone pretends otherwise.

It’s time for Congress to stop him or forever hold their peace.

Rick Manning is the vice president public policy and communications for Americans for Limited Government.

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