01.04.2016 2

Manning to O’ Malley: Try the slogan “At least I’m not nuts” against Hillary

HillaryClintonBy Rick Manning

Hillary Clinton thinks we may have already been visited by space aliens.  Don’t believe it?  Here is the article in a real publication.  Art Bell must be ecstatic.  The Area 51 visitors center will be overrun with 60s era drugged out feminists seeking enlightenment as they chant Hillary’s name.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any kookier, Hillary is unleashed and we discover she is even more bat guano crazy than Bernie Sanders (who has a striking resemblance to Doc Brown in “Back to the Future”)

One thing we can take to the bank is that if aliens visited the United States over the past seven years, they are still here, because Obama would never deport them.

The author is President of the Americans for Limited Government

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