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‘I’ll fight until they put me in the ground’

“It is our job to make certain that our children and grandchildren enjoy the same freedoms that we grew up with. Americans fight for freedom.”

By Catherine Mortensen

It’s been three weeks since the election and with the vote verification process is still ongoing many freedom-loving Americans are feeling battle weary. Some wonder if there is anything more they can or should do? Is the fight over? Do we just go home and put our heads in the sand for the next four years? I posed those questions to Pastor Brian Gibson of Texas and Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning. Pastor Brian has been traveling across America fighting to protect religious freedom from Covid lockdowns. Rick Manning is a longtime political insider who has been fighting for individual liberties and freedom for more than 30 years.

Both men urge us to stay in the fight!

Pastor Brian Gibson: The Gates of Hell cannot prevail

The scriptures are clear: those who faint in the day adversity, their strength is small. A brother was born for adversity. Be not weary in doing good.

I think every person of faith needs to realize regardless of who the next President is, we need to show we are strong, we are involved, and we will stand our ground.

Regardless of who wins, I will be the same person. I will stand for liberty. I will oppose tyranny. I will stand for what is right and I will speak out against what is wrong. That is what virtue does.

If people with Christian values or people of the Book in general don’t stand up and get loud now, what will happen to religious liberty and the First Amendment under a Harris-Biden administration will be unthinkable.

Without a doubt, Biden-Harris will attempt further restrictions on our religious liberty. They will seek to limit the number of people who can gather, impose mask mandates and even deem Christian teachings hate speech, punishable by law. It will be the death of free speech in America.

America became America because of the church. It was the church that began to rally against tyranny (in Colonial America) and pastors rallied and preach against the King of England. If the church can gain liberty, then America gains liberty. But if the church loses liberty, America loses liberty. The church always foreshadows what happens to the nation.

I think we have to get politically active. Consider running for office, backing those who will run, and seek out people with Christian values to run. I intend to spend the next 30 years of my life creating Christian politicians and planting churches.

When things get darker, I push harder. I know the gates of hell cannot prevail. I’ll fight until they put they me in the ground.

ALG President Rick Manning: Americans fight for freedom

There is something fundamentally different [about this election]. We’re coming off four years of resistance by the career civil servants who are supposed to enable the elected president to do the will of the people. This new call for unity is being pushed by the very people who resisted President Trump for four years including false investigations, made up leaks that led to an impeachment and a general refusal to do their jobs.

It is different because there is reasonable suspicion of massive voter fraud. Whether it is able to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt or not, is still unclear. The fact remains though that there was voter fraud in a way none of us has seen before because of the scale. There was vote fraud across state lines where multiple cities were doing the exact same tactic to skew the outcome of the election.

In the face of this fraud, we have a responsibility to stand up and say “We’re not going to let the socialists take over our country. But we are going to use legal means to stop it.” Here is what that looks like:


We all need to help in Georgia. If that means contacting your friends who live in Georgia or sending money to the two senate campaigns in Georgia, we all have to do what we can. We simply must pull together. We know the left is trying to take those seats. If Republicans don’t win at least one of them, the Democrats will be able to end the filibuster and there will be no break from a Biden administration engaging in legislative havoc.


A Biden administration will attempt to undue many of President Trump’s executive orders. Unfortunately for them, they litigated and got to the Supreme Court a question of whether or not President Obama’s executive order related to DACA recipients (so-called Dreamers) could be rescinded. The Supreme Court held that it couldn’t be without going through a pretty extensive procedure. Every single executive order the Biden administration tries to undue needs to be held to the highest critical standard to ensure they have to follow the same rules. What is good for the goose, is good for the gander. So now the Biden administration is going to eat the same Supreme Court decisions that the radical left foisted on America with the help of John Roberts.


Legislatively, we need to demand that the Republicans in the Senate slow walk every single Biden nominee. Treat those nominees exactly how the Democrats treated Trump’s nominees where it often times took years to get his choices into place. The Senate can’t be nice guys and pretend like the last four years didn’t happen. They need to engage in the same kind of political warfare that was used against the Trump administration and neuter Biden’s ability to create the socialist policies he wants.


Any Biden regulations that are counter to individual state’s interests should face immediate pushback. States should do with them what California did to the Trump administration’s immigration policies, opt-out. The Supreme Court allowed California to ignore federal immigration policies without any penalty. States should call themselves sanctuary states from those laws they don’t agree with and form compacts with other states and have their attorneys general sue the federal government. The Democrats did a lot of damage to the rule of law using these tactics and now they will have to argue against the stew that they brewed.

We have to stay in the fight because there is no choice. We cannot run or hide when our children and our grandchildren’s future is at stake. This is the time we have been picked by God to stand in this gap. It is our job to make certain that our children and grandchildren enjoy the same freedoms that we grew up with. Americans fight for freedom.

Catherine Mortensen is the Vice President of Communications for Americans for Limited Government.

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