‘Single biggest public health mistake, possibly of all history’

In a new paper, economists from the University of Southern California and the RAND Corporation examined the effectiveness of pandemic lockdowns, using data from 43 countries and all 50 U.S. states. By Catherine Mortensen More evidence to confirm what many Republican lawmakers and free-market advocates such as […]


Blue States Lockdowns Killing People & Jobs

We cannot let Democrats try to turn this sorry state of affairs into the new normal. By Catherine Mortensen The country’s latest unemployment and Covid death numbers make clear that Democrat governor’s heavy-handed lockdowns of schools and businesses killed more people and more jobs than did the […]


Nancy Pelosi again caught without a mask. Will she fine herself like she did Republicans?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi schmoozes with Democrats while unmasked  after fining GOP lawmakers for not masking. By Frank McCaffrey According to a story in the Post Millennial , House Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued fines to Republican lawmakers who insisted on following CDC guidance and remained unmasked on the […]


Patriots Rejecting Executive Overreach on Covid Lockdowns

“Fear, panic, and coercion are not ideal strategies for managing viruses. Intelligence and medical therapeutics fare much better.” By David Potter It is no secret that Democrat governors used Covid as an excuse to rule with an iron fist. These governors engaged in massive executive overreach in […]


Stimulus Cash Pales in Comparison to What Illegals are Getting

Sen. Marsha Blackburn calculates U.S. is spending $71K per person to house illegal aliens for six months, 50 times Covid stimulus checks! By Catherine Mortensen Illegal immigrants are each getting $71,000 to pay for housing over the next six months, according to Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) That […]


With a little help from God (and Trump!) Church Survives 2020

By Frank McCaffrey Americans for Limited Government is revisiting small businesses we spoke with the 2020 at the start of the pandemic. We want to see what they’ve been up to today. We visited with the upstate New York church we spoke with in 2020 […]


Blue states with the worst lockdowns lost the most jobs per capita to Covid as Congress rewards restrictions

The longer Congress pays states to remain closed, hurting working families, the longer this recession will continue. By Robert Romano Nevada, Hawaii, Maryland, Vermont, Connecticut, California, New Jersey, Virginia, Iowa, Rhode Island, Illinois, New York, Maine and Washington remain the states most impacted in jobs lost as […]


Small business owner fears Biden’s Covid bailout could slow recovery

“Why would anyone want to hurry up and come back to work if they’re getting free money sitting around?” By Frank McCaffrey Americans for Limited Government Foundation is revisiting small business people we spoke with in 2020. We want to see what they’ve been up […]


The rest of the story – why the economy gained 379,000 jobs in February

By Rick Manning The U. S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics reported fantastic job gain numbers across the country of 379,000 jobs created in their February 2021 Establishment Survey. While the economy remains over 9.5 million jobs shy of pre-pandemic levels according to the establishment survey — and 8.5 million shy in the separate household survey — this growth is a positive […]

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