Cartoon: Biden Burn-Out

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Biden push for $4 trillion of new spending by end of September heats up as inflation cooled in August

By the end of September, President Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats are hoping to end fiscal year 2021 with a bang, unleashing a torrent of $4 trillion of new spending via a $1.2 trillion infrastructure spending bill that includes $550 billion of new spending, and […]


Cartoon: Burning Man


Cartoon: Frequent Liar Miles


America’s small businesses are in crisis

President Biden promised that help was on the way. Instead, help wanted signs were on the way. By Catherine Mortensen Florida restaurant owner Kevin Wakefield, like millions of other small business owners across the country, can’t find enough workers. “We’re overrun with business, which is a great […]


Graham on Biden Budget: This tax and spend budget will break the back of our economy

“This budget, in my view, will destroy the ability to create new jobs in this country.” By Catherine Mortensen Today, Senate Budget Committee Ranking Member Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) made an opening statement at a hearing on President Biden’s Fiscal Year 2022 budget proposal in which he warned […]


Cartoon: What a Drag


Price stability, not inflation, will get the U.S. economy back to full employment sooner rather than later

In 2021, after a year of spending and borrowing trillions and now the dollar is rapidly getting weaker, and too much spending could be curtailing job seeking. By Robert Romano 2020 and 2021 are two sides of the same coin: Price instability brought about by the dollar […]


US Economy: Boom or Bust?

By Rick Manning   Is the economy booming or is it riding a wave of paper money with no real underlying sustainability? That is the question which policy makers in Washington, DC should be considering. The truth is no one actually knows, but that is exactly why […]


Inflation pops to 2.6 percent last 12 months on oil and energy as Covid printing press runs on overdrive

The recovery is already occurring, we don’t need more stimulus. By Robert Romano The Consumer Price Index has predictably jumped up 2.6 percent the past twelve months, and up 0.6 percent in the month of March alone as oil, gasoline and piped natural gas prices have rallied, […]

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