Brazil sugar cane controversy opens door to trade deal

By Rick Manning Brazil is the leading producer of sugar cane in the world and environmentalists in the South American country worry that a recent decision by President Jair Bolsonaro’s government to end a ten-year moratorium on new cane production in the Amazon rainforest will spark new development. While Brazilian sugar production […]


Liberal billionaire worries about population loss and demographic decline while lavishly funding the abortion industry

By Richard McCarty John Arnold, another billionaire who loves to fund liberal causes, needs to make up his mind. Do we need a larger population or a smaller population? A few weeks ago, he tweeted , “Net immigration -70% last year and at 10 year low. Life expectancy […]


Nancy Pelosi gets to keep her meds, but will you get to keep yours?

By Rick Manning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) Drug Pricing bill, H.R. 3 , the so-called “Lower Drug Costs Now Act of 2019” would be a disaster for those praying for the next medical cure, as it punishes those who are making and democratizing the latest medicines. Currently, the […]


Now, the 10-year, 3-month has uninverted, too. So, was it a recession signal or not?

By Robert Romano Don’t look now, but the inversion between the 10-year treasury and the 3-month treasury that began in May has uninverted , either calling into question that it was a recession signal or confirming it, depending on what happens in the coming months. This signal was given much fanfare when it went […]


Cartoon: Overlords


Celebrate the China phase one trade deal when the ink is put to paper, but it proves Trump’s tariffs worked to bring Beijing to the table

By Rick Manning President Ronald Reagan often repeated the admonition to “trust but verify” when it came to nuclear deals with the Soviets.  President Donald Trump’s Phase One trade deal with China needs to be approached with the same skepticism. First off, Trump’s deal with China nominally […]


Dear NBA, you can’t get ‘woke’ by ignoring China’s tyranny, concentration camps and slave labor

By Rick Manning It is time for D.C.’s political pundits to get woke on the economy, while one particularly obnoxious group of wealthy virtue signalers are finding their true selves revealed. While the focus in D.C. is rightfully on the fake impeachment being foisted upon America by […]


With a trade deal with Japan and a strong U.S. economy, where is the trade depression the Smoot-Hawley alarmists predicted?

By Robert Romano Readers will recall that in the 2016 election and since then financial and political analysts were tripping over themselves to predict that if President Donald Trump won and implemented his planned trade agenda, which included tariffs, why, we’d have a global recession perhaps even […]


With 50-year low unemployment rate at 3.5 percent, time to reset any recession clock until after the election

By Robert Romano The U.S. economy got another dose of amazing news on Oct. 4 when the national unemployment rate dropped to a 50-year low of 3.5 percent . Add to that, 6.1 million jobs have been created since President Donald Trump took office. And that means Democrats hoping for a recession […]


Why is the federal employee retirement plan sabotaging the Trump-China trade talks by giving away $50 billion to China for free?

By Rick Manning At a time when the U.S. is engaged in high-level trade talks with China and actively considering whether to institute economic sanctions against Beijing, the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board is looking at ways to in effect transfer and put at risk $50 billion of federal employees’ […]

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