Illinois is a fiscal basket case and raising property taxes would only make it worse

By Printus LeBlanc A recent report from the University of Illinois at Chicago named Chicago the most corrupt city in the U.S. with Illinois being the third most corrupt state. As expected, with corruption being the rule in Illinois, the state is a fiscal basket case. For decades corrupt politicians in the state made outlandish promises to […]


Seattle created its homelessness crisis; now it’s trying to make it worse

By Printus LeBlanc Seattle never learns. Seattle says it has a homelessness problem, which it does. The city says the problem is getting out of control and something needs to be done about it. Are the uber-liberal residents and politicians of the city stepping forward to house […]


Are illegal immigration amnesty Republicans trying to hand majority back to Pelosi?

By Printus LeBlanc The amnesty crowd on Capitol Hill is up to its old tricks again, still pushing the idea of rewarding bad behavior while ignoring the plights of law-abiding American citizens. With all the problems facing the country, illegal immigration amnesty seems to be the only […]


Are federal and state-funded child care centers funding terrorist groups overseas?

By Natalia Castro Welfare fraud is an expensive problem for American taxpayers, but as a new report reveals, the cost might not be just an economic one. Day care fraud in Minnesota has shed light onto illegal methods of funding terrorist organizations in the Middle East and […]


Pruitt’s latest move is making the EPA more efficient in the permitting process with civil service reforms

By Natalia Castro The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been plagued with inefficiency for years. The Partnership for Public Service has ranked the EPA 22 out of 23 ineffective leadership for a mid-sized agency for the last two years in a row. The Resource for the Future, an environmental, energy, and natural resource research institution , found that the average EPA permit process […]


The ‘Blue Wave’ could be turning into a trickle

By Printus LeBlanc For the last year and a half, the media and political pundits have been pounding the idea of a “blue wave” in the 2018 midterms into the minds of the electorate. Partly because it could happen, and partly because if it is said enough […]


If you can read this, ending net neutrality still has not broken the Internet

By Robert Romano If you can read this, ending net neutrality still has not broken the Internet. April 23 has come and gone, and with it so too has the Federal Communications Commission’s so-called net neutrality regulation been rescinded, and yet somehow, the Internet is still here. […]


China is flexing its economic muscle against a U.S. government housing agency, and veterans are paying the price

By Printus LeBlanc China is definitely on the march. Recently China armed several artificial islands in the disputed South China Sea with cruise missiles. Last week we learned a Chinese military base in Djibouti used laser weapons against U.S. military personnel. The notice stated , “During one incident, there were two minor eye […]


Tax cuts give the economy a boost as states, cities see immediate benefits

By Natalia Castro With the help of the recently passed tax cuts and reform, many states and cities are getting a boost as they feel incentives to lower taxes and further spur job and wage growth. While it is still early, the Republican tax plan is already […]


Give President Trump the Power to Negotiate Sugar Subsidies Away

By Rick Manning “President Trump believes that American food producers have not been treated the fairly on international stage and has committed to levelling the playing field for America’s farmers.” That’s one of the clear statements contained within last month’s White House  report  titled, “What You Need To […]

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