Up to 13 million jobs lost in less than a month amid government closing economy to win war on Chinese coronavirus

By Robert Romano Unemployment claims hit an all-time record at 6.6 million last week amid the national lockdown to combat the Chinese coronavirus and save as many lives as possible. 45 states have issued stay at home orders in their states, including 38 that have issued them for the […]


States must carefully reopen as soon as possible to save small businesses across the country

By Richard McCarty Yesterday, we learned that over 6.6 million people filed for unemployment insurance last week; the week before, over 3.3 million people filed as states have closed their economies. In over 50 years, including during the Great Recession, we never saw numbers that were anywhere […]


Small businesses urge federal and state governments to reopen America ASAP

By Richard McCarty Due in large part to government edicts, religious, social, and political gatherings, have been cancelled or drastically altered to meet government requirements. Schools and colleges have closed so there will be no proms or graduations to attend this spring. Restaurant dining rooms are closed, […]


President Trump should issue the Buy American executive order to end China’s control of our medicines

By Bill Wilson With all we are facing today, with all the fear and outright transformation of our entire society, it might seem odd that a group of medical organizations would sign a letter opposing American independence in the production of medicines and medical equipment.  You would […]


How do conservative groups propose to solve surprise medical billing?

By Richard McCarty What is surprise medical billing, and what do conservative organizations think should be done to address this problem? Surprise medical billing occurs when a patient has a medical emergency and is taken to an out-of-network emergency room for treatment and then receives a large […]


The battle to reopen America will be difficult while coronavirus fears remain

By Rick Manning Benjamin Franklin is often quoted as saying, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety,” and this sentiment is particularly pertinent to these times of state lockdowns and social distancing as our nation seeks […]


Senate paves road to reopening economy with coronavirus relief bill, but when will states reopen schools?

By Robert Romano By a vote of 96-0 , the U.S. Senate has passed a $2.2 trillion legislative package , by far the largest in U.S. history, to keep tens of millions of Americans on payroll and expand unemployment benefits to those who are laid off while the country waits out the deadly Chinese coronavirus that […]


Art of the Deal as Trump secures $2 trillion economic rescue plan to sustain America while we wait out the virus

By Robert Romano The Senate will complete its bipartisan work on a $2 trillion economic relief legislative package today to incentivize Americans to stay home during the Chinese coronavirus outbreak response period, expected to last at least until April 12, Easter Sunday, when President Donald Trump says he’d like to reopen the country […]


Small businesses across America urge government to reopen economy ASAP


The dollar is too strong for the recession that just began, Mr. President

By Robert Romano The cornerstone of President Donald Trump’s plan to defeat the Chinese coronavirus and save potentially millions of lives, and to salvage what can be of the U.S. economy, is a massive expansion of the Treasury’s Exchange Rate Stabilization Fund from about $93 billion to $500 billion. […]

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