ALG on the CURE America TV Show with Star Parker: Biden’s inflation is hurting America’s poor

Biden’s inflationary spending is hurting America’s poor because they don’t have a lot of options when the price of gas and groceries go up. If Democrats really cared about the poor in this country, they would stop the trillion dollar spending that is driving up […]


Will 10 Senate Republicans vote for Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and risk more inflation?

The pressure is for Biden to produce as much as he can from budget reconciliation. This makes Senate Republican concessions to make it easier for Biden to ram his agenda through the budget reconciliation process all the more inexplicable. When will they just say no? […]


ALG on Ringside Politics: Biden’s Spend-a-Thon Will Cripple Middle-class Americans

“What we lived through in the Seventies was a vicious cycle of rising costs and rising wages. People could barely keep up.” Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning was a guest on Jeff Crouere’s Ringside Politics radio show. They talked about the threat of rising inflation, […]


ALG on Mike Hayes Radio Show: Who is to blame for higher gas prices?

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning regularly joins WIZN radio host Mike Hayes to share updates from Washington, DC. This week they talked about high gas prices. “Joe Biden’s no-energy policies are killing us,” Manning said. “If we don’t open up our resources, we’ll pay higher […]


ALG on Bill Meyer Radio Show: Inflation hurts everyone, but most of all the poor

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning joins Medford,OR radio host Bill Meyer every Friday morning to talk about the news of the day. This week they talked about the growing threat of inflation and why so many Americans are concerned. “It’s eating into their paychecks,” Manning […]


Everyone loses under Biden’s inflation

Everyone loses under inflation, but those with the least disposable income and those on fixed incomes are hurt the worse.  By Rick Manning Consumer prices rose 0.9 percent in June, according to  data released Tuesday by the Labor Department , heating up from the previous month. The consumer price index (CPI), a closely watched […]


Making Sense of the Post-Pandemic Economy

Economists and policy makers grapple with inflation threats while consumers worry. By Catherine Mortensen Are you having a hard time understanding why the housing market is heating up, and why the cost of essentials such as milk, eggs, and gas is climbing? Are you in the market […]


Congress needs to stop spending to staunch rapid inflation rise

This sustained and substantial increase in the producer cost of final goods is akin to finding a dead canary in the mine shaft of government spending excess. By Rick Manning The prices that suppliers are charging businesses and other customers rose again last month, adding to inflation […]


Cartoon: McFlation


The money supply has grown more than 28 percent to $20.1 trillion since the Covid pandemic began, but does it matter?

By Robert Romano The supply of U.S. dollars as measured by the Federal Reserve’s M2 Money Stock has grown by more than $4.6 trillion since Feb. 2020 when the Covid pandemic began to $20.1 trillion — a gargantuan 29.6 percent increase in the money supply, the largest ever on record. The surge […]

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